Terms and Conditions of Trade

Our clients and patients are the heart of our practice and the reason we are here. We pledge to do our best to serve you and provide your pet, horse, or farm animals with the very best veterinary care possible.

The following Terms of Trade apply to services provided by Equine and Farm Veterinary Services Limited to its clients.

  1. Variations to the Terms and Conditions of Trade may occur from time to time, and Equine and Farm Veterinary Services Limited (EFVS) will notify the client in writing.
  2. No staff member of EFVS may agree to any terms other than as written in this contract.
  3. Prices include GST unless otherwise stated.
  4. Prices quoted for goods and services may be adjusted from time to time, and the client hereby agrees to pay any such adjusted price, e.g. in instances where cost of goods increases, government surcharges increase, errors or omissions by EFVS or its representatives.
  5. Unless otherwise agreed, all services shall be paid for on the date of service.
  6. Payment shall be accepted in the form of cash, credit card, direct credit or direct debit.
  7. Where it is agreed that payment need not be paid on the day of service, it shall be paid within seven days, following date of invoice.
  8. EFVS may withhold further provision of goods and services where there is any outstanding amount due.
  9. Where clients are in breach of agreed payment terms, debt collection and/or legal proceedings may follow.
  10. A penalty fee will be charged on overdue amounts at a rate of 4% per month.
  11. Costs incurred to recover outstanding monies will be charged to the client.
  12. Termination of the contract may apply where there is non-payment without prejudice to any claims EFVS may possess.